stephizzle (teppieteph) wrote,


may be okay: you're not soggy around the damn midsection
may be okay: i was making a joke
stephizzle says: yeah right
stephizzle says: gosh
may be okay: geez
may be okay: i mean your skinnier than all the other girls i'm seeign
stephizzle says: oh geez thanks
stephizzle says: lol
stephizzle says: what other girls are you seeing??
stephizzle says: you're a playa and you're holdin out on me?
may be okay: IM KIDDING
stephizzle says: GOSH!
stephizzle says: go to bed
stephizzle says: lol
may be okay: there's that one girl who's trying to get in my pants
may be okay: but if you're soggy around the midsection, this girl is a kuiper belt objec
stephizzle says: lol
stephizzle says: go to bed and get me my dang tiffany boy
may be okay: i thought you were only after my ass
may be okay: i guess it's my wallet though
may be okay: which is on my ass
stephizzle says: so i want both
stephizzle says: gimme?
stephizzle says: :-*
may be okay: ill give you somthin all right
stephizzle says: a nice knuckle sandwich
may be okay: bang zoom
stephizzle says: right to the moon!
stephizzle says: god we're dorks.
may be okay: certifiably
stephizzle says: imma ghettobootied mooch tho member?
may be okay: how could i forget
stephizzle says: omg you're making me die with laughter
may be okay: i was hoping for a more painful demise
may be okay: mua ha ha
stephizzle says: geez you're a sweetheart
may be okay: foiled again
may be okay: Sweet as spoiled sandwiches
may be okay: So, maybe i'm planning your death, and maybe i called you a ghettobootied mooch
may be okay: but you're my favoirte ghettobootied mooch
stephizzle says: well geez i feel special
may be okay: you're actually among my favorite people
stephizzle says: really?
may be okay: god forbid i should express my real emotions
stephizzle says: if you're lying i'll punch you in your kidneys
may be okay: did you get that song i emeialed you
stephizzle says: yes i did
may be okay: did you like it?
stephizzle says: yes
may be okay: it's very different
stephizzle says: yeah
may be okay: you really are among my favorite people
may be okay: and i hate everyone
stephizzle says: wow i rock your socks off don't i jon? :-*
may be okay: so i'm going to bed, but i hope you had a not to bad stupid \/D
may be okay: you have yet to rock my socks off, but i'm hoping for it
stephizzle says: teehee
stephizzle says: okay go to sleepies, have a good day tomorrow
may be okay: goodnight MC Sockrocker
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